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"I can still almost taste that fresh banana with your salted caramel butter-cream."

 — Carole

It's not merely achieving the perfect balance between a light, delicate cake and an intensely rich density. Nor is it just about developing a creative approach to dressing up these delicious morsels. Its simply about capturing the essence of you, a loved one or special event sculpted into a cupcake. Its Confection. Personified.


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Every meticulous detail has been prayerfully handcrafted specifically with you in mind, down to the very last crumb. Enjoy.

— Psalm 139:13-18

"Some of the very best I have ever had."

 — Emma

we do take it personal.

At Cupcake Sagacity, we're not just whipping up cupcakes for the neighborhood bake sale. We are transforming the unique complexity of your most favorite things into a delightfully, delectable experience with every bite.

Each order is meticulously designed for your very special recipient or event in mind. Simply describe every nuance you can think of, and we'll take it from there. My goal is to creatively translate that into cupcake conception. From your favorite morning coffee to your choice afternoon tea; a childhood favorite to a decadent evening delight; a savory meal or a re-imagined desert. The options are truly endless.

"I don't like lemon

...but, your lemon cupcakes have made me love lemon."

 — Erica

Basically, we're perfectionists. We use the freshest ingredients and finest quality we can get our hands on—because we really feel it makes that much of a difference. Always natural. Seasonally sensitive. Organic when applicable.


We're also creative. There are many opportunities for unique flavor  combinations for the culinary adventurous.

the freshest.

For what we don't grow ourselves, we glean from the local farms, farmer's markets and specialty grocers. From the nutrient-rich, organic milk and free-range eggs to the hand-churned butter shipped in from the emerald, rolling hills. Fresh herbs that are hand-picked when you're cupcakes are made.


That's what we mean by fresh.


our ingredients.

Sure, we have a solution for the tried and true staples of chocolate and vanilla. However, we definitely throw our own twist to them. Our vanilla beans are grown in Madagascar. The chocolate is from the heart of Switzerland. Hand-grated coconut. Cinnamon strait ground directly from the stick.


As confectioneers, we are continually striving for creative and interesting flavor combinations. We are constantly inventing new ways to encapsulate the next culinary phenomenon through cake in a cup.


"They were

simply divine."

 — Laura

menu: sweet & savor.

Basil Pumpkin Spice topped with a Cream Cheese Butter-cream and Garden-fresh Basil

Classic Vanilla Bean topped with Vanilla Bean Butter-cream and White Chocolate Curls

Chocolate Truffle Cupcake topped with Vanilla Bean Butter-cream and Chocolate shards

Fresh Banana covered in Caramel Butter-cream drizzled with Sea-Salted Caramel and Walnuts

Lemon topped with Lemon Zest Butter-cream, White Chocolate shavings and Garden-fresh Mint

Love You Berry Much™ Cupcake stuffed with fresh Blackberry, Blueberry and Raspberry compote, topped with Lemon Butter-cream and Tri-berry Glaze drizzle and fresh Seasonal Berry

Malibu Coconut Cream Pie Cupcake topped with Coconut Butter-cream, fresh Toasted Coconut

My Cinn-timents™ Cinnamon Roll Cupcake topped with Cream Cheese Butter-cream and sprinkled with Pecans

Strawberry Shortcake topped with Vanilla Bean Butter-cream drizzled with Strawberry-Rosemary Compote

Stuffed Lemon Tart topped with Lemon Butter-cream, Graham Crumble and fresh Seasonal Berry

Stuffed Key-lime Pie Cupcake, Graham Crumble crust, topped with Key–lime Butter-cream

Traditional Wedding Cake topped with Almond Butter-cream and fresh Candied Almonds


Our menu is constantly evolving. Check back frequently to see our latest creations.

If you don't see your favorite here, tell us. We customize to your unique tastes.


    every meticulous detail

has been prayerfully handcrafted

        specifically with you in mind,

   down to your very last crumb. enjoy.

                                                    — Psalm 139:13-18

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